Mahoromatic Quotes

Mahoro Ando, Chinese Saleswoman, Young Mistress: Mahoro [upon finding Suguru's collection of "adult" magazines]
Mahoro Ando, Chinese Saleswoman, Young Mistress: I think that dirty thoughts are very bad. And you want to know what else I think? I think that women's breasts are important vessels which exist to provide nourishment for babies, and should never be looked at lewdly by a young male person. I am certain that your mother taught you that important lesson when she raised you, and yet there you are looking at women's breasts inside a dirty magazine with lewdness in your eyes. I understand the general tendency of the magazines you collect, but women with large breasts have to bear a large burden because of it, and I hear they suffer from bad backs. And most importantly, a woman's ability as a mother doesn't have anything to do with the size of her breasts.

TV Show: Mahoromatic