Tape Quotes

Harold Green: I know this isn't a dream because I'm dressed.

Movie: Tape
Harold Green: To enter the contest, we need something that's at least 50% duct tape. Most of your cars already are.

Movie: Tape
Jon: What's up man?
Vince: Oh, nothin' much.
Jon: You're not dressed.
Vince: Lay off.
Jon: Not that I don't like it ...
Vince: What?
Jon: Nothing.
Vince: So?
Jon: So nothing.
Vince: Okay.
Jon: Okay.

Movie: Tape
Phone Sex Operator: I'm in no mood to have my breasts pawed at.

Movie: Tape
Vin: Do you have any idea how much those drugs cost?
Amy: There'll be other drugs, Vincent.
Vin: I know... but, I really liked those ones.

Movie: Tape