Loosies Quotes

[first lines]Bobby Corelli: I was staring at your fish. That's a cute one, it's got little bug eyes. Is that your fish? Yeah? When I was little I had fish. I had a tropical fish. It was bad, I put the heater on and I left, and when I came back they were all over the floor, poor bastards. All right, well, this is me. Take care of that fish...

Movie: Loosies
Bobby Corelli: I can't talk to you if you just want to get smart all the time, and walk away.
Lucy: If I was smart, I wouldn't have talked to you to begin with, and I just would have walked away.

Movie: Loosies
Lucy: Spill it!
Bobby Corelli: What, what? What do you want to know?
Lucy: What do I want to know? Uh, gee, why have we been chased by the cops? What kind of trouble did you get me into? Who's Carl? And who the hell are you?
Bobby Corelli: Carl is my mother's boyfriend, she just moved in here with him.
Lucy: Right. And the cops?
Bobby Corelli: Eh, I don't exactly on Wall Street.
Lucy: So I can rule out insider trading...

Movie: Loosies
Mickey: [aiming toy gun]Reach for the sky and empty out your pockets, mister.
Lucy: Too late for that.

Movie: Loosies