Long xing tian xia Quotes

May: [May has Jet arrested for trespassing in Uncle Tak's shop but gets him out on bail and tries to talk to him] Jet! I went through a lot of trouble to bail your out of there. Some thanks would be appreciated.
Jet: So why you lock me up then?
May: [dryly] Well look, you asked for it.
Jet: [calmly] No.
May: Look, it's my job to look after the shop, okay?
Jet: [Jet's not listening to May, he's trying to concentrate on what happened to Master Tak] I worried that... Master Tak got hurt in a fight.
May: [frustrated] You Chinese men and all your stupid fighting! It's what ruins our reputation here in America!
Jet: [irritated] You don't even know what you're talking about. You've got problems, don't blame me! You're too worried about... about your reputation, right? Goodbye! [Jet storms off and the Barrio Boyz, follow him]

Movie: Long xing tian xia