Little Man Tate Quotes

Dede Tate: Hey, guess what next Saturday is.
Fred Tate: You get your period, I get a day alone in the park.
Dede Tate: Very funny, lameo.

Movie: Little Man Tate
Jane: Now Fred, these chores are your responsibilities. And for every week that you do them correctly, we'll do something fun like go to the symphony or rent a nice documentary.

Movie: Little Man Tate
[last lines]
Fred Tate: I once got this fortune cookie that said, "only when all things around you are different will you truly belong". Well, we're all different that's for sure. I see Jane everyday at the institute, and once in while Dede let's her take us out to a fancy restaurant. Sometimes we even have fun. After a while I was the most famous kid at Jane's school. But then a year later, a 6 year old boy named Willie Yamaguchi got into law school, and suddenly I wasn't such a big deal anymore. But I don't care, because I was happy.

Movie: Little Man Tate