Lets Do It Again Quotes

Billy Foster: [Beth kisses Billy on cheek]
Beth Foster: That's for showing me one of the nicest times I've ever had in my life.
Billy Foster: Is, uh, that all I'm gonna get?
Beth Foster: That's all you gonna get in public.
Billy Foster, Beth Foster: [Laughter. Billy grabs Beth's behind]
Beth Foster: [Squeals] Stop! [Squeals]
Beth Foster: You fresh thing!
Billy Foster: [Laughs] You know you love it.
Beth Foster: Yes, I do.
Billy Foster: Woo! And tonight I'm gonna lay a blockbuster on you. To-*night*!
Beth Foster: Yeah? Oh, I'm gonna have a block for you to bust, too, baby, so you better bring a whole lotta hammer.
Billy Foster: Have hammer, will travel and go deep into your crevice.

Movie: Lets Do It Again