La famille Passiflore Quotes

Aunt Zinnia: Honestly, I've asked you a hundred times to fix this shutter, and with that thief running around, it's just careless not to get it done.
Papa Bramble: Don't worry. I'll fix it as soon as I'm done here.
Aunt Zinnia: Yes, yes, "don't worry." [sighs]
Aunt Zinnia: It's been like this for over two weeks!

Movie: La famille Passiflore
Mistletoe: [to Grumps] You've been eating too many cupcakes, haven't you?

Movie: La famille Passiflore
[at beginning of episode]
Violette: [peering inside Papa Bramble's album] Someone drew a heart on this picture!
Poppy: Not me! I would never do a silly thing like that.
Violette: [pointing at him] Oh yes, you would.
Mistletoe: We all know what happened.
Aunt Zinnia: You were in love. So...
Poppy: Huh?
Aunt Zinnia: It's wonderful being in love - even if sometimes it turns your heart upside down [Violette, Dandelion and Perwinkle laugh]
Poppy: [sighs] You can say that again, Aunt Zinnia...

Movie: La famille Passiflore
[up in a tree]
Violette: I knew it was a good idea to follow him. I was sure of it.
Dandelion: [chuckles] He wakes up in the middle of the night to kiss his girlfriend. What a naughty boy. [giggling]
Mistletoe: I know they were going to kiss - you could just tell. As soon as they got close to each other - click click! - I took as many pictures as I could.
Periwinkle: [opens the camera] Duh! Sorry, there's no film in here! Well, that's what you get for trying to spy on people.

Movie: La famille Passiflore