Deliver Us from Eva Quotes

Ormandy: [to the deliver guy at the hair salon] I need a real man Not a child or a boy Give me a hard rock Not a soft little toy You think women are hard You thick we're evil and mean Well I think maybe you don't need us
Telly: Maybe you on the wrong team
Ormandy: So I need a real man And my standards are high Don't like what you just heard Then you need not apply

Movie: Deliver Us from Eva
Eva: Oh what, you don't want Kareenah to make a good impression on the book club?
Tim: No.
Kareenah: Excuse me?
Tim: Yes.

Movie: Deliver Us from Eva
Eva: That's it, gentleman. End of story. The fat lady singeth!

Movie: Deliver Us from Eva
Eva: [nonchalantly] If food isn't prepared right your throat could close up and you'll drown on your own vomit.

Movie: Deliver Us from Eva
Eva: You three have yet to feel my rage.

Movie: Deliver Us from Eva
Oscar: I don't understand you. Why do you have to be so GODDAMNED UNCOMPROMISING?
Eva: It's called principle, Oscar. Maybe the world is in short supply, but I am NOT. See, people pay their tax dollars for MY PRINCIPLE so they can go into a restaurant and not eat chicken-fried RAT, or bite into a bacon, lettuce and tomaine sandwich. If I slack up on you then I have to cut EVERYONE a break. And pretty soon, the almonds on you salad have LEGS. If that makes me UNCOMPROMISING, then I wear it as a badge of honor cuz I'm in DAMN GOOD COMPANY! Martin Luther King was uncompromising, Nelson Mandela was uncompromising, and I'm sure your MOTHER was uncompromising, although the evidence of that is not apparent today. So... why don't you think of me as your Mom right now. And Momma says, CLEAN IT UP!
Eva: [after shocking Oscar] See you in 48 hours.

Movie: Deliver Us from Eva