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Matt Kennedy Gould: Um... you know, I just have to say while everyone's quiet, like, you know, I was gonna say this anyway when I thought you were all who you said you were. Um... You know, I went... I went to a basketball game... you know, I was having a hard time. [Matt chokes up]
Matt Kennedy Gould: And I went to a game, you know, in a bad neighborhood at home. And, you know, I just... I walked in there, and there was the casting director, you know, saying, "You wanna be on a reality TV show?" You know? And, like, of course, you all know me. I don't know you, but you know me. I'm a ham. So of course, you know, I got on the camera that day and I messed around and just have fun. And then the whirlwind began. And, um... you know, what it is... what the most amazing thing about it all is is that there's... [Matt weeps]
Matt Kennedy Gould: ... there's people out there... you know, people who saw things in me that sometimes I can't in myself, you know?
Ralph Garman: We all saw it. We all saw it, Matt. We all saw it. You're a hell of a guy. We love you, man. We love you. [Kristen hugs Matt]
Matt Kennedy Gould: [weeping] It's just so amazing, man. It's just so amazing. And I feel bad if I did anything to hurt anyone...
All: No!
Matt Kennedy Gould: I couldn't f***in' believe The Hutch won, man. [Everyone laughs]
Matt Kennedy Gould: I couldn't. I tried... I tried to be gracious about it. But I thought, this asshole, after everything, he won? Are you kidding me? I'm cool as Hell.

Movie: Joe Schmo 2
"T.J. "The Playah": [to Austin] I can reach places in her you can never touch

Movie: Joe Schmo 2
Derek Newcastle: Austin, you may now present your black balls.

Movie: Joe Schmo 2
Himself - Joe Schmo: [in an interview segment] My strategy is basically being myself. Uh, I don't think I would try to sabotage anyone else by talking bad about 'em. [at dinner with "Piper"]
Himself - Joe Schmo: Uh, Bryce, honestly after this I probably will have zero contact with and - unless he comes to the opening of my bar.

Movie: Joe Schmo 2
Ralph Garman: Ashleigh, on a scale of 1-10, how good a kisser is Molly?
Ashleigh Rivera: I don't know, Ralph. Why don't you tell us?
Ralph Garman: Okay. It's time to vote.

Movie: Joe Schmo 2
[Somebody is about to be evicted]
Ralph Garman: One of you is about to say goodbye to high society, and return to your sad existence of working for the man.

Movie: Joe Schmo 2