In Search of... Quotes

Blasternaut: [Blasternaut and Spot have just teleported to their ship's bridge from the planet's surface] Spot! Prepare for hyperspeed! [he presses a button the control panel; the spaceship whines down and nothing happens]
Blasternaut: Hmm... I wonder what could be wrong.
Spot: Well, did ya check the fuel gauge? 'Cuz you probably ran out of fuel again, and if I...
Blasternaut: [interrupting] Well I've got it! It must be the Polytronic Combustion Regulator! Spot! Prepare to beam out for repairs! [he turns around and presses a button. A strange device pops out of the front of the ship]
Spot: Who, me? Nah, I'm not going out there. I might get hit by a meteorite... [Blasternaut presses another button, Spot warps outside. He looks mad]
Blasternaut: I'll be below deck if you need me. [his platform lowers below the floor]
Spot: Eh... Woik, woik, woik. You make me do all the woik around here! [he gets out goggles and a welding torch and starts working on the PCR. As he works, the Trash Alien arrives in his ship, littering trash as exhaust. The Trash Alien abducts Spot]
Trash Alien: Aah... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [he flies away]
Blasternaut: [coming up from "below deck", he looks around] Whoa! [looks around behind the control panel]
Blasternaut: Spot? Spot? [turns toward the viewer and shrugs]
Blasternaut: Hmm!

Movie: In Search of...
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Leonard Nimoy: Good night and pleasant dreams.

Movie: In Search of...