In Dreams Quotes

Eli Wallach: Somewhere, Pola, with her cheetah, is sitting there thinking, "Oh, G-d! I'm going to be on screen again! They're making a movie about me!"

Movie: In Dreams
Mr. Speilman: People are bidding so on Banks' stock so fast the price doesn't even have time to settle.
Mark Andrews: So what does that mean for me?
Mr. Speilman: It means you can send yourself and your entire senior class to Princeton if that's what you want.

Movie: In Dreams
Title Card: [first title card] In 1965 the town of Northfield was evacuated to create the Northfield Reservoir.
Title Card: [second title card] Two billion gallons of water flooded the empty street, obliterating all memory of the lives once lived there, leaving a drowned ghost town.

Movie: In Dreams
Vivian Thompson: You want to come over to my place, Claire? I have to warn you, though, it's haunted.
Claire: Who's it haunted by?
Vivian Thompson: You.

Movie: In Dreams