House of Mouse Quotes

Daisy: Goofy better hurry. Our guests are getting hungry.
Timothy Mouse: We can surly use some food over here, right Dumbo? [Dumbo spots Timothy as a peanut]
Timothy Mouse: Dumbo?

TV Show: House of Mouse
Mickey Mouse: Tonight, we have a show that won't be forgotten. [spotlight goes out; audience gasps]
Mickey Mouse: Unlike our electric bill. [nervous laugh]

TV Show: House of Mouse
Pete: Everybody out!
Mickey Mouse: Show's not over yet, Pete!
Pete: What show? You've got no cartoons and that stage is deader than the Haunted Mansion! [camera pans over to the stage, where we see the Hitchhiking Ghosts from Disneyland's "Haunted Mansion" attraction sticking out their thumbs]

TV Show: House of Mouse
Timothy Mouse: Hey, where's Mickey?
Timon: Yeah, having Mickey on stage might not be such a bad idea.

TV Show: House of Mouse
[Donald crashes a riding mower into a women's clothing display. He is wearing a green women's hat, a blonde wig, a purple blouse and a purple bra. He is seated on the lower half of a dummy in such a way that it seems he has women's legs and is wearing a blue skirt and high heels. Daisy sees him]
Daisy: It's true! [Donald realizes what it looks like and tries to explain, but Daisy runs off sobbing]

TV Show: House of Mouse