Biker Zombies (V) Quotes

Fritz: Dude! A couple of those girls aren't wearing any underwear!
Scott: What?!
Fritz: You mean you didn't see that ****?
Scott: No, how can you tell?
Fritz: Oh, I can tell dude. Girls' underwear is huge with me, man, and let me just tell you this: I can't see any pantylines on any of those chicks.
Scott: Maybe they're wearing a thong.
Fritz: Maybe they were wearing thongs, you know. That's some wild ****, don't you think?
Scott: Yeah.
Fritz: Man, those girls can't be a day over fourteen and they're sporting thongs. That's sweet, huh?
Scott: Oh yeah! Thongs are pretty sweet!
Fritz: I mean, most fourteen-year-old girls that I know, they're wearing that boring grandma underwear well into puberty and beyond. You know, Hanes Her Way's and ****, you know?
Scott: Yeah dude, that stuff sucks.
Fritz: But you know, by the time they hit sixteen, they venture into the bikinis... Maybe they dabble a little bit with the Victoria's Secrets and ****, you know?
Scott: Oh yeah, that's the best...
Fritz: Well no, dude, you know... You know Victoria's Secrets, man. It sounds sexy and ****, but most of it's a lot of really conservative stuff.
Scott: Yeah, that's what I meant.
Fritz: Yeah, but a thong... A thong, dude... Thongs are sweet. Girls don't start wearing a thong until they start ****ing.
Scott: Oh yeah!
Fritz: I mean, how many virgins do you know going around sporting a thong? None, right?

Movie: Biker Zombies (V)