Bandits Quotes

[the gang learns that Charlotte the elephant is pregnant]
Cledus Snow: Well, I suppose we'd better keep our eyes open.
Doc: For what?
Cledus Snow: [laughing] For the biggest goldang stork you ever seen!

Movie: Bandits
Buford T. Justice: Breaker, breaker for the Bandit.
Bandit: Come on back, breaker.
Buford T. Justice: You got trouble comin'. Big trouble.
Bandit: Well, what's your handle son and what's your 20?
Buford T. Justice: My handle is Smokey Bear and I'm tail grabbin' your ass right now!

Movie: Bandits
Pansy: [she and Vincent are tied to a tree; the Time Bandits are running towards them] Oh, Vincent, someone's coming. Help. Help, I say. Oh, at last. Oh, I say! [the bandits run right past without taking any notice]
Pansy: I say my fiancee and I would appreciate a bit of assistance!

Movie: Bandits
[Steve, posing as a highwayman, orders the passengers from the stagecoach]
Steve Carson: All those in favor of staying alive, raise your hands.

Movie: Bandits
[after a spectacular wagon wreck, Bob tries to help the injured Largo]
Largo: Reach, Ranger!
Bob Crandall: Alright, Largo, why don't you shoot? [Largo drops his gun]
Largo: I guess we both got our limit of skunks tonight, kid. Let's call it quits.

Movie: Bandits