Hostel Returns Quotes

Buddha: Don't dare make your presence, showing your body
Buddha: You will get the lesson in coming days
Buddha: Now, obey the senior and juniors take the food in queue

Movie: Hostel Returns
PK Don: Don't be clever...

Movie: Hostel Returns
Teacher: What is this?
Kumar Prasai: Figure in two pieces. Madam...
Teacher: Whose figure did you sketch?
Kumar Prasai: Deeya Maskey...? Sorry.
Kumar Prasai: Rekha Thapa.

Movie: Hostel Returns
Rameshwor Yadav: Brother, Where is 207? [He is asking for room number 207]
PK Don: Next to 206.

Movie: Hostel Returns
Pratap Raj Bhandari: Rameshwor... sorry friend.

Movie: Hostel Returns