Dirty Beautiful Quotes

[First lines] David: [narrating a dream sequence]I had this haunting dream. I thought that I was alone and that I always would be. And then I saw her. [to the dream girl]
David: You're the one, the one I've been looking for. [Both walk together on the beach]
David: So, what's your name?
Dream Woman: Anything you want it to be. What's yours?
David: I'm David.
Dream Woman: Aw fuck me. Really? You know what, I am so in the wrong dream. Yeah, I'm actually supposed to be meeting a...
David: Are you into... How...
Dream Woman: [shouts to a distant person]Hey! Are you Jeff? [She runs and hugs Jeff]

Movie: Dirty Beautiful
David: [narrating]Breakups were so painful, especially the relationships that haven't even started.

Movie: Dirty Beautiful
David: Can you go anywhere without drinking?
Kat: Yeah, when I'm stoned.

Movie: Dirty Beautiful
David: [narrating]There's this theory that the universe doesn't just break up in the end, but there's actually a new universe growing inside of this one and eventually it'll just push the old one out of the way. Creation... constantly rewriting itself. I like that. [cut to black screen. Fake end credits start]

Movie: Dirty Beautiful