- Everything Else, Volume 2 (V) Quotes

[Blue Laser Commander and his minions are dressed up as giant pizza slices]
Blue Laser Minion: Um, I'm not entirely sure this is what they were talking about, sir.
Blue Laser Commander: Shut it! Pizza can't talk!

Movie: - Everything Else, Volume 2 (V)
[repeated line]
Strong Bad: Holy crap!

Movie: - Everything Else, Volume 2 (V)
[Strong Bad comments on a picture of someone dressed up as a smiling Strong Bad, sitting at an office cubicle]
Strong Bad: [voiceover] What's this guy smilin' about? [He talks in a mocking voice]
Strong Bad: Oh, yeah. I just got promoted to the three-foot-wide cubicle. Now I can fit four to three post-its on my wall. Hey, Doogan, you stayin' after tonight for the LAN party?

Movie: - Everything Else, Volume 2 (V)