Holocaust (mini) Quotes

Erik Dorf: Doctor, things won't get easier for you.
Dr. Josef Weiss: How much worse can they get? We're no longer citizens. We have no legal rights. Our property can be confiscated. I can't belong to a hospital. I can't get any drugs. In the name of *humanity*, what else can you do to us?
Erik Dorf: You mustn't come to me for help.
Dr. Josef Weiss: No appeal on the basis of past associations?
Erik Dorf: No appeal. I bear you no personal malice. [Pauses]
Erik Dorf: Leave.

Movie: Holocaust (mini)
Heinrich Himmler: [to SS leaders] Gentlemen, I have never been so proud of German soldiers. Your consciences can be clear. I will be responsible before God and Hitler for all your acts.

Movie: Holocaust (mini)
Uncle Kurt Dorf: A jolly man, that Heydrich. Not at all what I expected. What did somebody call him? The young god of death.
Marta Dorf: Oh that's dreadful! Who'd dare say a thing like that?
Uncle Kurt Dorf: Political enemies, I suppose.
Marta Dorf: Uncle Kurt, he's a refined and sensitive man! He could have been a concert violinist if he hadn't chosen to serve Germany.

Movie: Holocaust (mini)