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Peter: All word association is, is I say a word and then you say the first word that comes into your head. Okay?
Mind Invader: Bum.
Peter: No, not yet.
Mind Invader: Oh.
Peter: I say a word first, then you.
Mind Invader: Then I say the first word that comes into my head. Yes.
Peter: Exactly. Okay. Ready? River.
Mind Invader: River.
Peter: Yeah.
Mind Invader: Yeah. That was the first word that came into my head.
Peter: Okay. That's the word I said.
Mind Invader: Oh, well, that's probably why, then.
Peter: Okay. It should be a word that you associate with the word I said. That's why it's called word association. Okay? It's what that word makes you think of.
Mind Invader: Yeah. Okay.
Peter: Ready? Death.
Mind Invader: Death. ...That's what it makes me think of! You know, I mean, I hear the word death, I think of death. I can't help it.

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Ringo: I like surgery, it gives you a sense of out look, you know.

Movie: Help
Hypnosis Client: I'm completely in your hands.
Peter: Well, that's what hypnosis is all about - trust.
Hypnosis Client: Okay.
Peter: Now, I prefer to describe it as guided meditation.
Hypnosis Client: Right.
Peter: People have been doing this for thousands of years, and I think you'll find the results really can be quite astonishing.
Hypnosis Client: Good, well, just tell me what to do, and, er...
Peter: Okay. Just get comfortable in your chair and close your eyes. Now, let your breathing become very regular-
Hypnosis Client: Wow! That is amazing!
Peter: No, hang on-
Hypnosis Client: It's just incredible!
Peter: We haven't actually started-
Hypnosis Client: It's huge! It's like a huge dome!
Peter: Right.
Hypnosis Client: That'll be the inside of my head, I suppose.
Peter: This really isn't going to work if you keep interrupting.

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Ringo: What was it that first attracted you to me?
John: Well, you're very polite, aren't you?

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Social Worker: [the police and social welfare people have arrived to close the store, arrest Danni's father and put her in foster care... a crowd outside has gathered] We'll make arrangements with your mother to have the inventory accounted for.
Michael Dunn: [rushing in] They made this happen, didn't they?
Danni: [crying] Nobody made this happen. [Dunn embraces her]
Danni: I just don't want you to be sad... 'cause I'm not. Promise?
Michael Dunn: [fighting tears] No.
Social Worker: We have to go.
Michael Dunn: [running up to car Danni has just been loaded in] Well, hey listen, I'm glad I got to dance with you [car speeds off, leaving a dazed Dunn in the street]
Rooney: Don't worry, Dunn... we'll find her.

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[last lines]
Rooney: [narrating] Me? I went to beautician's school where everybody graduated except me, but I got a job as a shampoo boy at Marisa's House of Hair in Bensonhurst. The hours suck; the pay sucks; I'm surrounded by 'funny guys,' but the tips are great. Thank you, God!

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