Frenzy Quotes

Dylan Taylor: It's over, Mr. Whitaker. My life is kaput. I might as well join the foreign legion - except after they hear about this! They'll say, "Hey, no way kid! You can't be trusted to water the camels!"

Movie: Frenzy
Richard Blaney: [announcing himself to his wife's receptionist] You can inform Mrs. Blaney that one of her less successful exercises in matrimony has come to see her.
Monica Barling: And who shall I say is calling?
Richard Blaney: Mr. Blaney.

Movie: Frenzy
Richard Blaney: [having missed betting on a horse that won at 20-to-1 odds] Twenty to one. Twenty to bloody one, Christ, damn it to hell! [throws down a box of grapes and stomps on them]

Movie: Frenzy
[discussing the tie murders]
Solicitor in Pub: Let's hope he slips up soon.
Doctor in Pub: In one way I rather hope he doesn't. We haven't had a good juicy series of sex murders since Christie. And they're so good for the tourist trade. Foreigners somehow expect the squares of London to be fog-wreathed, full of hansom cabs and *littered* with ripped whores, don't you think?

Movie: Frenzy
[last lines]
Inspector Oxford: Mr. Rusk - you're not wearing your tie.
Bob Rusk: [speechless]
Bob Rusk: I...

Movie: Frenzy
[sees Julie's body parts in the jungle]
Erik Anderson: One less to worry about.

Movie: Frenzy