French Kiss Quotes

Charlie: What does he do?
Kate: Besides what we do together? I don't think he does anything at all... huh.

Movie: French Kiss
Kate: I don't know what they taught you in France, but rude and interesting are not the same things.

Movie: French Kiss
Kate: Spasm. Spasm. Oh, God, here it comes... lactose intolerance.

Movie: French Kiss
Luc: You know, I am feeling some very strange emotions right now. Guilt, remorse, my self-esteem is rock bottom. I am trying to think, what can I possibly do to say I'm sorry?
Kate: Shut up. You haven't spent sixty seconds with me when you weren't after something, so what is it this time? Buy, sell, or trade?
Luc: Oui, it is so true. I used you... a lot. You helped me to get my vine and I left you with nothing. So now, I ask myself what I can possibly do to make it up to you. [see the police waiting for him]
Luc: And so now, I am here for you. [runs away]

Movie: French Kiss
[an announcement is made in French]
Kate: What was that? That sounded important.
Luc: The pilot said there is a crack in the engine, but not to worry, he'll take off anyway.

Movie: French Kiss
[Luc and Juliette fall onto the bed, making out. Suddenly Luc pauses]
Juliette: Is something wrong?
Luc: No, in fact everything is fine.

Movie: French Kiss