Earthworm Jim Quotes

Earthworm Jim: Quick, little buddy! Whip me! Whip me!
Peter Puppy: I beg your pardon?
Earthworm Jim: I mean, use me like a whip!
Peter Puppy: Oh! Heh. Right.

TV Show: Earthworm Jim
Giant Fur-bearin' Trout: Fear not, small fragrant one. Those who flow with the waters of the trout shall perservere. Those who would use the trout for evil shall be destroyed upon the lathe of heaven...
Earthworm Jim: Gosh! Really?
Giant Fur-bearin' Trout: You betcha! Or the bandsaw of paradise! Or maybe even the great cordless beltsander of nirvana! It's got three speeds!

TV Show: Earthworm Jim
Narrator: Later, our heroes skip through the woods, which you may have noticed since you can *actually see them*.

TV Show: Earthworm Jim
Peter Puppy: Once again, evil is as rotting meat before the maggots of justice!
Earthworm Jim: Thank you for cramming that delightful image into my brain, Peter.

TV Show: Earthworm Jim
[repeated line]
Evil the Cat: A minor setback.

TV Show: Earthworm Jim