Dimples Quotes

Allen Drew: Betty! This is the nicest surprise I've had.
Betty Loring: I came to wish you good luck.
Allen Drew: This is good luck, Betty. I didn't think you'd ever look at me again after the fool I made of myself.
Betty Loring: I'm willing to forget all that, Allen, but Father never will. If he knew I'd come here, he'd be in a rage.

Movie: Dimples
Children's Band Member: It's the Professor. He's picked a pocket again.
Dimples: You take that back! You can't inflect on my grandfather like that! Take it back!
Children's Band Member: All right.
Dimples: You don't think the Professor would take anything that didn't belong to him?
Children's Band Member: That's just the trouble with the Professor. He doesn't seem to know what belongs to him and what doesn't.
Dimples: The Professor's one of the honestest men in the world!

Movie: Dimples
Dimples: Mrs. Drew, do you still think I'm worth five thousand dollars?
Mrs. Caroline Drew: You're worth ever so much more, darling.
Dimples: And do you still want me to come and live with you?
Mrs. Caroline Drew: I'd like nothing more in the world.
Dimples: All right, I'll come. Do you have the five thousand dollars with you?

Movie: Dimples
Dimples: Why did you take that clock?
Prof. Eustace Appleby: Clock? What clock? I remember no clock.
Dimples: The one you put your hat over. I saw you.
Prof. Eustace Appleby: Why, of course not. You ought to know that I wouldn't take a small clock like that. I - I mean, I wouldn't take any clock, large or small. After all, my dear child, I'm a musician, not a thief.
Dimples: All right, Professor.

Movie: Dimples