Stowaway Quotes

Atkins: There's a young lady to see you, sir, I think it's rather urgent.
Tommy Randall: Oh, that's bad.
Atkins: She's very beautiful, sir.
Tommy Randall: Oh? That's not so bad.
Atkins: She has a child with her, sir.
Tommy Randall: Oh, that is bad.
Atkins: She also has the captain with her, and he insists upon seeing you, sir.
Tommy Randall: Oh, that's very bad!
Atkins: Here you are, sir?
Tommy Randall: What's that?
Atkins: Your checkbook, sir.
Tommy Randall: I don't know what your game is, young lady, but it won't work! I've never seen you before in my life, and besides I have witnesses to account for my whereabouts for the past twenty-seven years!
Susan Parker: Mr. Randall!
Barbara Stewart aka Ching-Ching: Uncle Tommy!
Tommy Randall: Ching-Ching!

Movie: Stowaway
Jenkins, First Mate: We found the stowaway, sir.
Captain of SS Victoria: Well, where is he? Let me at him.
Second Mate: It's not a he, sir.
Mrs. Hope: It's this child here.
Captain of SS Victoria: What, you?
Barbara Stewart aka Ching-Ching: I guess so.
Second Mate: She doesn't even know how she got aboard, sir.
Captain of SS Victoria: Well, what am I going to do with you?
Susan Parker: I'll look after her.
Mrs. Hope: Susan, don't be absurd!
Captain of SS Victoria: Well, that's fine, Miss Parker. Bring her up to my quarters later, and we'll see that she's returned to her people. See you later, stowaway!

Movie: Stowaway
Richard Hope: Why did you cable me? Where's Susan? She's not ill, is she?
Mrs. Hope: No, Richard, she's not ill.
Richard Hope: Then why did you cable me? It's not exactly an inexpensive trip.
Mrs. Hope: I know, Richard, I know, but frankly the situation was more than I could bare alone.
Richard Hope: Heavens, Mother, don't build it up!
Mrs. Hope: Have you ever heard of a Tommy Randall?
Richard Hope: It sounds familiar.
Mrs. Hope: It should be, it's been in the papers often enough. Well, he's on this boat!
Richard Hope: What's that got to do with Susan?
Mrs. Hope: Richard, your mother is a woman of the world, and she can tell ...
Richard Hope: She can tell what? Heavens, Mother, we're not getting anywhere.
Mrs. Hope: I'm not saying there's anything wrong between them ...
Richard Hope: Oh, so that's it. You mean I've flown here just to be told that Susan's having a harmless little ship flirtation?
Mrs. Hope: It may be harmless and it may be not. Susan is a very headstrong young woman.
Richard Hope: Well, marriage will straighten her out.

Movie: Stowaway
Susan Parker: Richard, I want to adopt little Ching-Ching as soon as we're married.
Richard Hope: What?
Mrs. Hope: Whoever heard of such a thing!
Susan Parker: But if I don't, they'll put her in an institution!
Richard Hope: Well, that's what institutions are for.
Mrs. Hope: I'm sure Richard doesn't want to start his married life with a ready-made family, especially with a child called Ching-Ching!
Susan Parker: But it won't be for long, just until Mr. Randall gets back. You see, it's a favor to him. He wants to adopt her as soon as he can, and as soon as he gets married, he'll arrange to take her.
Richard Hope: Why should I do Mr. Randall a favor?
Susan Parker: But it isn't for him, it's for the little girl. Think of her future!
Mrs. Hope: Don't meddle with other people's destinies. Forget about this child! She got along before she met you, and she can get along after she leaves you. Dismiss her from your mind completely!
Susan Parker: Don't you think Richard and I should settle this by ourselves? After all, it concerns us.
Mrs. Hope: Anything that concerns Richard concerns me!
Richard Hope: I think Mother is right.
Susan Parker: Your mother's right, and I'm wrong?
Richard Hope: Yes. That is, I think you're mistaken.
Susan Parker: So do I. I've been mistaken about us. A marriage is for two people. I'm calling off our engagement.

Movie: Stowaway