Deduce, You Say Quotes

Dorlock Holmes: All right, Watkins. Enough of your bumbling.
Porky Watkins: B-Bumbling upsets Holmes no end.

Movie: Deduce, You Say
Dorlock Holmes: Lady Asthabula, the last time we met was at Ascot, was it not? Ascot not. [as he kisses her hand, he takes her finger prints]
Dorlock Holmes: Oh, you're still a fine figure of a woman. [Examines fingerprints]
Dorlock Holmes: Egad! These look like a woman's fingerprints. Could it be possible that the Shropshire Slasher is really a...
Woman: Oh, Alfie, this cove's annoying me.
Alfie: [At the dart board] Oh, is he, now?
Dorlock Holmes: Oho! Alfie, is it? Where was you on the night of the... [Is pelted with darts]
Dorlock Holmes: Well, he has eliminated him as a suspect.

Movie: Deduce, You Say
[as Watkins opens the door, the telegram boy falls]
Dorlock Holmes: Don't touch that body! A clear case of Karrer poisoning of one of Her Majesty's cold cream guards.
Telegram Boy: [Gets up] Telegram. You'd best have that step fixed, Gov'nor!
Dorlock Holmes: Just for that, you receive no gratuity.

Movie: Deduce, You Say