Dark River Quotes

Johnny Deacon: This morning a buffalo looked me straight in the eyes - was he challenging my right to be there, or just trying to work out what I was?

TV Show: Dark River
Alice: Wait. [pause]
Alice: We should cut that field.
Joe Bell: I don't cut for silage. I leave it for hay.
Alice: They're all skin and bone. [pause]
Joe Bell: Come here. I wanna show you summat. [pause]
Joe Bell: It's shepherd's needle. You don't see it very often. Not round here, anyway. When it comes through its seed pods, they look like a needle. When you cut it for silage, all you end up doing is... killing everything that's under it. In one acre of hay meadow... you've got 400 million insects. 600 million mites. Two million spiders. Burnet moths. Butterflies, bees. Voles, shrews. Yeah, yeah... [pause]
Alice: But, Joe... silage is better for 'em.

Movie: Dark River
Alice: You told me not to tell anyone. Did you think it was something I ought to be ashamed of?
Joe Bell: No, I... [pause]
Joe Bell: I was trying to protect you.

Movie: Dark River
[Last Lines] Alice: Can I come and see you again? Can I?
Joe Bell: Yeah.

Movie: Dark River