Comedy Central Roast of Denis Leary Quotes

Denis Leary: The only reason why Pete Townshend got busted was because he borrowed Mario Cantone's laptop.

TV Show: Comedy Central Roast of Denis Leary
[Two-word reviews of Denis Leary's movies]
Doctor Dré: Ice Age.
Ed Lover: Not Shrek.
Doctor Dré: Double Whammy.
Ed Lover: Triple crappy.
Doctor Dré: Company Man.
Ed Lover: You're fired.
Doctor Dré: Jesus' Son.
Ed Lover: Holy ****.
Doctor Dré: The Thomas Crown Affair.
Ed Lover: Watch original.
Doctor Dré: True Crime.
Ed Lover: ...against cinema.
Doctor Dré: A Bug's Life.
Ed Lover: Call exterminator.
Doctor Dré: Wide Awake.
Ed Lover: Not us.
Doctor Dré: Monument Avenue.
Ed Lover: Bad title.
Doctor Dré: Wag the Dog.
Ed Lover: Dog crap.
Doctor Dré: The Matchmaker.
Ed Lover: The Craptaker
Doctor Dré: Operation: Dumbo Drop.
Ed Lover: Operation ****in' boredom.
Doctor Dré: A classic: The Ref.
Ed Lover: Personal foul.
Doctor Dré: Judgment Night.
Ed Lover: It sucked.
Doctor Dré: Demolition Man.
Ed Lover: Why, Denis?
Doctor Dré: Who's the Man.
Ed Lover: Now, that's classic.
Doctor Dré: The Sandlot.
Ed Lover: The litterbox.
Doctor Dré<

TV Show: Comedy Central Roast of Denis Leary