Collected Stories Quotes

Ruth Steiner: What you have to say means a great deal to me, you know?
Lisa Morrison: No, I didn't know that.
Ruth Steiner: [Taken aback] No? How could you not know that? It goes both ways you know. Am I supposed to give and give and expect nothing in return?
Lisa Morrison: No, of course not.
Ruth Steiner: I can't just applaud you and pat you on the back and give you unconditional love and support. I know I've been your teacher and your champion, but I'm also your friend and I could use a little reassurance too you know? [Begins to tear up]
Lisa Morrison: Ruth, what is it?
Ruth Steiner: It's very complicated for me.
Lisa Morrison: What is?
Ruth Steiner: What's happening for you is very complicated for me.
Lisa Morrison: Ruth, are you jealous?
Ruth Steiner: Please don't condescend!
Lisa Morrison: I'm not. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
Ruth Steiner: It's not about envy. [pause]
Ruth Steiner: Maybe it is about envy, but it's not about professional jealousy. [Long pause]
Ruth Steiner: you know what it is? I'm jealous that you have all of life ahead of you and I can't just sit back and watch you do the dance I danced so long ago and not think about time. That's what it is. Don't you see? [Wiping away tears]
Ruth Steiner: It's about time.

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