Cold in July Quotes

Russel: [On his son being a serial murderer]You know when a dog bites you... you can either chain him up... or put him down
Richard Dane: [Shocked]You're gonna kill your own son?
Russel: I can't well chain him up now... can I?

Movie: Cold in July
[Last lines] Freddy: Are you really my father?
Russel: As far as I know.

Movie: Cold in July
Jim Bob: All right, boys, it's Howdy Doody time.

Movie: Cold in July
[first lines] Ann: [urgently whispering in the dark]Richard. Richard.
Richard Dane: [stirring awake]Yeah?
Ann: I think I heard something.
Richard Dane: [runs to a box in the closet and shakily loads his gun]Stay here...

Movie: Cold in July