Coast to Coast Quotes

Ritchie: They'll send out an ABP.
John: You mean an APB: All Points Bulletin.
Ritchie: No, ABP: A Big Policeman.

TV Show: Coast to Coast
Zorak: Hey! You took my soul!

Movie: Coast to Coast
Zorak: Wow, Denis Leary! I've seen all your movies!
Denis Leary: Thank you. Thank you.
Zorak: ...I didn't think they were very good...

Movie: Coast to Coast
[Zorak and Moltar have occupied Space Ghost's apartments and are hiding under lampshades]
Space Ghost: Hmmm... these aren't my lamps. These have feet. [Guest Jon Benjamin, whose monitor is also hidden under a lampshade, chuckles]
Space Ghost: I'd better go get a new apartment.

Movie: Coast to Coast