Challenge of the GoBots Quotes

Dr. Braxis: You can't arrest me. I'll plead not guilty. Better yet I'll plead temporary insanity.
Nick Burns: [laughing] It's more like permanent insanity.
Zeemon: Good work Leader-1.
Pathfinder: Thanks to you and your human allies Gobotron is free.
Leader-1: [camera pans in on Crasher and Cop-Tur who are out cold in a detention cel] We'll be home soon with some very precious cargo.
Leader-1: Turbo! Scooter! It's time to go. All aboard. Allison Jamoira "A.J." Foster: We're sure going to miss you guys.
Turbo: Why don't you guys come with us? We still have to find Cy-Kill.
Scooter: [gulping] We do?
Nick Burns: I'm in! Allison Jamoira "A.J." Foster: Yeah me too.

Movie: Challenge of the GoBots
Scooter: [throwing his voice to sound like Cy-Kill] Crasher?
Crasher: Cy-Kill?
Scooter: Crasher come here at once. I need your help.
Crasher: I'm coming Cy-Kill
Scooter: [as Scooter and Small Foot go racing out of their hiding place] Lighten up!
Crasher: Ooh a Guardian trick!

Movie: Challenge of the GoBots
Scooter: Oh no! Crasher shorted my holoprojection unit. Oh

Movie: Challenge of the GoBots
Scooter: No doubt spying on us.
Turbo: Come on! This will give us a chance to *really* test these suits. [everyone Agrees]
Scooter: Anything yet Small Foot?
Small Foot: Maybe. My siesmic sensors are picking up some movement.
Crasher: [Crasher and Fitor look on in surprise] Fitor!
Small Foot: There they are!
Fitor: They've found us. [Transforms]
Fitor: Let's get out of here.
Crasher: Good idea. [Transforms]
Leader-1: I'll take Fitor.
Turbo: That leaves Crasher for me. Look out baby! Here I come ready or not.
Scooter: [buzzer going off] Hey what's that?
Small Foot: It's the energy scanner. It indicates that we're approaching a force shield of some kind.
Scooter: Hey! Where are you going?
Small Foot: To find the force shield of course.

Movie: Challenge of the GoBots
Scooter: What am I going to do? A stray shot might hit Small Foot. I may not be able to look the part but I can still throw my voice. [Throwing his voice to sound like Leader-1]
Scooter: Turbo. You go around and cover the back.
Cy-Kill: Leader-1?

Movie: Challenge of the GoBots
Scooter: There it is. The disruptor has been activated somewhere in the Caribbean.
A.J.: Where in the Caribbean?
Scooter: I'm not sure. It will take a little time to pinpoint the exact location.
Nick: But Matt may not have any time.

Movie: Challenge of the GoBots