CHiPs Quotes

Calbury: I've met you somewhere before. I certainly remember that voice.
Chips: Now here are your stick and hat, and that, as you plainly know, is the front door.
Calbury: Katie, you...?
Chips: Straight ahead, please.
Calbury: That voice. There's something about it. I don't know who you are, but I can guess what you are. You're a school teacher, aren't you?
Chips: Correct.
Calbury: I bet you give your boys hell.
Chips: Only the bad ones.

TV Show: CHiPs
Chips: Did you not hear Miss Bridges ask you to go?
Calbury: Who are you?
Chips: It doesn't matter who I am. It only matters that Miss Bridges wishes you to leave her house, and you are, therefore, leaving it.

TV Show: CHiPs
Gadget: Once I found a perpetual motion machine just lying in the trashcan. Of course, by then it had stopped moving.

TV Show: CHiPs
Gadget: This was a wonderful idea, Chip.
Chip: Thanks Gadget, I thought you might enjoy a movie.
Chip: Dale, what do YOU want?
Dale: You guys want any of this stuff I got from the snack bar?
Chip: Just sit back there and watch the movie. If we want something, we'll send you a smoke signal. [to Gadget]
Chip: Now, where were we...

TV Show: CHiPs
Monty: Gadget's gone too far this time, Chip. She's got these blinkin' propellers facing the wrong way.
Chip: She knows what she's doing, Monterey. I'm sure the Ranger Wing is perfectly safe.
Gadget: Oh, darn. I'm always ending up with parts left over!

TV Show: CHiPs
Mr. Chipping: [to new headmaster] Must all your movements be towards lower standards?

TV Show: CHiPs
Ponch: She ate my butt.

Movie: CHIPS
Ponch: Yoga pants!

Movie: CHIPS