Box-Office Bunny Quotes

Elmer Fudd: Sneak into my theater will you, you wasically wabbit?!
Daffy Duck: "Wabbit?!" Pardon, mon frere, but this is the rabbit you seek. I'm no rabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Well, if he's no rabbit, then where are his ears?
Daffy Duck: Yeah, Einstein, if I'm no rabbit, then where are my--- oh no, nuh-uh. End of discussion. I've come too far. I'm above all that now.
Bugs Bunny: But not above sneaking into movie theaters.
Daffy Duck: Yeah, but not above sneak--- [to Elmer]
Daffy Duck: Are you going to stand around jabbering all day?! Catch this guy!

Movie: Box-Office Bunny
[Bugs is still disguised as a snack bar attendant.]
Daffy Duck: Does anything here appear to be out of the ordinary?
Elmer Fudd: They're all out of gum dwops?

Movie: Box-Office Bunny