Air America Quotes

Billy Covington: How often do you guys go on a bender like this?
Babo: Bender? This isn't a bender, this is night-time!

Movie: Air America
General Lu Soong: Restaurant closed! Health violation! All go home now! [restaurant patrons start running around, scared]
General Lu Soong: All finished! Everybody go now. Free dinner! Nobody pay! I do business with round eyes all my life! [breaks dishes]
General Lu Soong: For sure, no Corsican **** me!

Movie: Air America
Nino: STOP! No more breakings, General. You understand? Now I tell you something. I talk to Versailles. I talk to New York. They say 'opium no so good this year.' They say 'heroine been cut with baking powder.' So who ****ing who, hey General? No No. I no gonna pay you same same you give me ****!
Major Lemond: Nino! [Major Lemond walks into the kitchen]
Major Lemond: Listen to me, okay? Nino, you pay same same, or you will never use any of my airplanes again.
Nino: Okay. Okay. Pay same same.

Movie: Air America
[to Billy]
Gene Ryack: Why don't you go home huh? Look at me, look at Neely, we're all a bunch of trouble junkies, we've been mainlining danger and adrenaline for so long nothing else gets us off, it's kind a sick. [pause]
Gene Ryack: Before you pick up the habit and you will pick up the habit. Go back to L.A. and be the weirdest guy in the room again. Whada you think?

Movie: Air America