Born in Flames Quotes

Isabel: Good morning. This is Isabel broadcasting from the new Phoenix Regazza Radio station. I'd like to open up with a statement on behalf of Adalede Norris and the Women's Army. Her murder serves as a warning for women everywhere for the struggle we face. And the truth will be heard and the story must and shall be told. It is not only the story of women's oppression, it is the story of sexism, racism, bigotry, nationalism, false religion and the blasphemy of the state controlled church, the story of environmental poisoning and nuclear warfare. Of the powerful over the powerless, for the sake of sick and depraved manipulations that abuse and corner the human soul like a rat in a cage. It is all of our responsibilities as individuals and together to examine and to re-examine everything, leaving no stones unturned. Every word that we utter, every action and every thought. We are all, women and men, the prophets of this new age. And for those of us who would be safer in the sensibilities of racism, seperatism and martyrdom: if you can't help us towards building this living church, then step out of the way. The scope and capabilities of human love are as wide and encompassing as this vast universe that we all swirl in. One for all, and all for one-ness. This fight will not end in terrorism and violence. It will not end in a nuclear holocaust. It begins in the celebration of the rites of alchemy. The transformation of shit into gold. The illumination of dark chaotic night into light. This is the time of sweet, sweet change for us all. This is Isabel from Phoenix Regazza Radio, signing off until tomorrow.

Movie: Born in Flames