Bill Cosby - 49 (V) Quotes

Bill Cosby: I was eleven years old. In the projects. August, 174 degrees Fahrenheit. Playing basketball. My mother came out and said, Do you know how hot it is... get in this house! I said, But Ma... She said, You do it! I went in the house so mad, sat down hard on the sofa. Couldn't even breathe good. [breathes heavily]
Bill Cosby: My father came by, and I said, Dad, Mom won't let me go out... My father said, You do what your mother says! And I stood up, looked him in both eyes, and said, I hate both of you! And I'm running away from home! And my father lifted me up over his head, and said, How far do you want to go? He didn't know I was THE Bill Cosby.

Movie: Bill Cosby - 49 (V)