Bill Quotes

Christopher Marlowe: Saying things in a short snappy way instead of a long drawn-out way is the soul of wit
Bill Shakespeare: You mean brevity?
Christopher Marlowe: Yeah

Movie: Bill
Molly: I hear the Spanish are hunky.
Sir Francis Walsingham: You hear wrong! Catholics can't put on muscle mass because God hates them! They've no muscle and no backbone, like snakes!
Molly: Surely snakes are all backbone.
Sir Francis Walsingham: Well, like worms then.
Molly: Oh, no, worms are all muscle.
Sir Francis Walsingham: Someone knows a lot about Catholics!
Molly: No, no, just garden creatures.
Sir Francis Walsingham: One can't be too careful, Molly. They're everywhere, you know. The Catholic threat may be sleeping now but it will soon awaken like a...
Molly: Bear?
Sir Francis Walsingham: Yes! Good! Like a non-muscular spineless bear!

Movie: Bill
Christopher Marlowe: What are you doing in a pie?
Sir Francis Walsingham: It's a disguise. Or one might say a 'despise'. Now that works in three ways; One, it's a disguise. Two, the disguise is pie and, three, it's got the word 'spies' in it. So...
Christopher Marlowe: It's very clever

Movie: Bill
Earl of Croydon: Why did you let me get drunk?
Ian: I wasn't there!
Earl of Croydon: Exactly!

Movie: Bill
Earl of Croydon: Now I have to write a fantastic play, or some homacidal mainiac will cut my head off!
Ian: Well, report him to the Queen!
Earl of Croydon: I'm talking about the Queen!

Movie: Bill
Earl of Croydon: [after seeing the run through of Bill's original play]Oh God, I'm dead!

Movie: Bill
Bill Shakespeare: Bit of a rewrite!

Movie: Bill
Juan Domingo: [Responding to the on stage arrival of Bill]What the Hell?
Earl of Croydon: What the Hell?
King Phillip II of Spain: What the Hell?

Movie: Bill
Sir Francis Walsingham: Will everyone please stop arriving!

Movie: Bill
Earl of Croydon: That poor, sexy woman!

Movie: Bill