10,000 Saints Quotes

Les: So you got any New Year resolutions, Princess Di?
Diane: Yes.
Les: What are they?
Diane: To stop dating my dealer.
Les: Now why would you do that? With me you get the whole package: sex and drugs.

Movie: 10,000 Saints
Jude: What did you mean when you said you were here to kidnap me?
Les: I'm rescuing you. Taking you to the Big Apple.
Jude: And why would I go with you?
Les: I'm offering you Manhattan, champ. Don't play hard to get.

Movie: 10,000 Saints
Les: You know what I'd like to know is what my girlfriend's daughter and my son and some weird Hare Krishna dude are all doing together.
Jude: We're just friends, okay?
Les: No, I'm not judging. I mean, I met your mother at an orgy.

Movie: 10,000 Saints
Jude: If Teddy hadn't left us for good, if he was still somewhere up there, ten years later, hovering above the city and the troposphere of the earth, he'd see a little heart transformed. He'd find Elisa in Brooklyn, starting her own family, and his best friend, believe it or not, about to become a father himself. He'd know that he'd not been forgotten, even if the outlines of his face grow fuzzier with each passing year. Maybe he'd also see how fragile each and every life is, and that they all just fall to earth and scatter, hoping to settle somewhere and stick, like big, dry snowflakes from a white Vermont sky.

Movie: 10,000 Saints
Les: [Talking to Diane and Eliza]Okay, listen, you two are peas in a pod, all right? You know why she doesn't tell you anything, Diane? Because you try to control every situation you get your hands on. And you know why she does that? Cause you are totally out of control.

Movie: 10,000 Saints
Les: Why don't you just try playing it all a little bit by ear, you know?
Eliza: Is that what you do, Les? You just play it all by ear?
Les: Yeah, I find it's the best organ to play by. I mean, I have been accused of playing by another, but...

Movie: 10,000 Saints
Eliza: Will you remember me as the most fucked up girl you ever knew?

Movie: 10,000 Saints