Big Trouble in Little China Quotes

Jack Burton: Feel pretty good. I'm not, uh, I'm not scared at all. I just feel kind of... feel kind of invincible.
Wang Chi: Me, too. I got a very positive attitude about this.
Jack Burton: Good, me too.
Wang Chi: Yeah! [pause]
Jack Burton: Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

Movie: Big Trouble in Little China
Jack Burton: Great. Walls are probably three feet thick, welded shut from the outside, and covered with brick by now!
Wang Chi: Don't give up, Jack!
Jack Burton: OK, I won't, Wang! Let's just CHEW our way out of here.

Movie: Big Trouble in Little China
Jack Burton: Hey, I'm a reasonable guy. But I've just experienced some very unreasonable things.

Movie: Big Trouble in Little China
Jack Burton: What does that mean? Huh? China is here. I don't even know what the hell that means.

Movie: Big Trouble in Little China
Lo Pan: They have returned. And this time they are not alone. Egg Shen is with them. Little bastard sorcerer has brought them through the Bog of the Dead Trees. [calling to him telepathically]
Lo Pan: Egg Shen... EGG SHEN! You have come a long ways to find me. But it is too late. There are two girls with green eyes, and I will marry them both. And then I will sacrifice Gracie Law to appease my emperor and live out my earthly pleasures with Miao Yin. [cackles]
Lo Pan: That's right, Egg Shen. The best of two worlds!

Movie: Big Trouble in Little China
Pinstripe lawyer: Okay. But if I'm gonna be your attorney, there are a few things that I have to know that, uh, still don't make any sense to me. Like, um, you really believe in magic?
Egg Shen: You mean Chinese black magic?
Pinstripe lawyer: Yes.
Egg Shen: Oh, absolutely.
Pinstripe lawyer: Are you still serious about this? And, uh, monsters and ghosts as well, I suppose?
Egg Shen: Oh, sure. And sorcery.
Pinstripe lawyer: And I suppose that, uh, you expect me to believe in sorcery as well?
Egg Shen: Of course!
Pinstripe lawyer: Why?
Egg Shen: Because it's real.
Pinstripe lawyer: How can I know that, Mr. Shen?
Egg Shen: How?
Pinstripe lawyer: Yes, how? Help me out here. Please, how? [Shen raises his hands, and a small bolt of lightning jumps between his palms. The lawyer stares, open-mouthed]
Egg Shen: See? That was nothing. But that's how it always begins. Very small.

Movie: Big Trouble in Little China