Betrayal Quotes

General Tse: China needs Taiwan, Taiwan does not need China.

Movie: Betrayal
Mike Vogel: You don't know what kind of world we really live in, young woman.

Movie: Betrayal
Susan Kane: We're outsiders here. They do things differently and they're not going to let us in on the inside.

Movie: Betrayal
[first lines]
Officer Wild: This is officer 11653. Officer 11653, Philly PD, reporting motor vehicle accident. It's a late model sedan traveling south-bound.
dispatcher: Location?
Officer Wild: Approximately 6 miles off the Cranson back roads. Closest mile marker is 115. Looks like the vehicle was hit hard from the rear. On the approach I see severe back-end damage on the left-hand side. No second vehicle, possible hit and run
dispatcher: How many injured?
Officer Wild: Checking for victims now.
dispatcher: Awaiting response officer 11653, awaiting response. How many injured?
Officer Wild: There's nobody here...

Movie: Betrayal