Beowulf Quotes

Beowulf: Give him a gold piece and send him home. He has a story to tell.

Movie: Beowulf
Beowulf: Has this thing, this troll, killed any children?
King Hrothgar: No.
Beowulf: Women? [Hrothgar shakes his head]
Beowulf: Old men?
King Hrothgar: What are you saying? That he fights with a clean heart? He kills the strongest first. He shows us he can kill the strongest. Who cares if he spares the children? They'll die anyway without fathers.
Beowulf: My wits still war with how this all began.
King Hrothgar: Hate for the mead hall. I can only guess. The night we finished it the foul creep came.
Beowulf: So, nothing was done to the troll itself?
King Hrothgar: Oh, Beowulf, it's a ****ing troll! Maybe someone looked at it the wrong way.
Beowulf: Some Dane?
King Hrothgar: ...I never begged anyone to come here. Take on our fight. I don't hold you here.
Beowulf: I know you don't.
King Hrothgar: Then don't sour my heart with talk about why a troll does what a ****ing troll does!

Movie: Beowulf
Grendel's Mother: A man like you could own the greatest tale ever sung. Your story would live on when everything now alive is dust. Beowulf... It has been a long time since a man has come to visit me.
Beowulf: I need no sword to kill you.
Grendel's Mother: Of course you don't my love. You took a song from me. Give me a son, brave thane. Stay with me. Love me... Love me... and I shall weave you riches... beyond imagination. I shall make you the greatest king that ever lived. As long as you hold me in your heart... and this golden horn remains in my keeping... You will forever be King. Forever strong, might... and all-powerful. This I promise. This... I swear...

Movie: Beowulf
Hrothgar: It came in broad daylight!
Beowulf: It's tiring of the game. It wants it done.

Movie: Beowulf
King Hygelac: Find Hondscioh a wife, my sheep have had enough!

Movie: Beowulf
Thorkel: The Celt says that Jesus Christ never sleeps, that he walks amongst us.
Beowulf: Oh, that's all we need, a god gone mad from lack of sleep.

Movie: Beowulf