Being Charlie Quotes

Charlie Mills: Dude, this is not some slutty sorority, okay? You don't just fall asleep with a boner and wake up work a girl on top of you.

Movie: Being Charlie
Adam: All right, go ahead. Go... go do what you always do. Go shoot up, prove everyone right. With no money, what are you gonna do, huh, go down to skid row, wave your virgin asshole around?

Movie: Being Charlie
Charlie Mills: Besides, I should probably save my virgin asshole for that special someone, right? Someone who, uh, you know, loves me for me, right?
Adam: [brightly joking]I could be that guy!

Movie: Being Charlie
Charlie Mills: [sing-songy]You're an asshole.
Adam: Why am I an asshole? Oh, 'cause I want to fuck your new girlfriend?
Charlie Mills: Yeah, yeah, it might be that.

Movie: Being Charlie
Jimmy: Hey, I never sucked dick.
Charlie Mills: [startled]Good for you.
Jimmy: Some guy did blow me once, though. What? It was for some H.
Charlie Mills: Some guy sucked your dick for heroin?
Jimmy: Sure. Why is it such a big deal? I'm not gay. I was desperate.
Charlie Mills: But... you gave some guy heroin to suck YOUR dick, so technically speaking...
Jimmy: Wait. No, no, no, no. He gave ME the H. I was jonesing.
Charlie Mills: Oh. Wait. That doesn't make any sense.
Jimmy: It was a fucked up time. I'm not prooud of it.
Charlie Mills: Hold... but wait, wait, hold on, hold on. Some guy gave YOU heroin to suck YOUR dick.
Jimmy: Yeah. It's not that complicated.
Charlie Mills: But...
Jimmy: Addition is a disease, man!
Charlie Mills: No, I get WHY you did it. I get what YOU got out of it, but what does HE get out of it?
Jimmy: Fuck if I know.
Charlie Mills: I can't believe I'm saying this, but that doesn't sound like such a bad deal.
Jimmy: Yeah, if you close your eyes and think of Jessica Alba, it's really not that much of a difference.

Movie: Being Charlie
Travis: You can't worry about other people, especially other addicts. Getting sober is a selfish thing, because getting high was selfish.

Movie: Being Charlie
Adam: Why is the glass always half-fuckin'-shattered with you?

Movie: Being Charlie