Beauty Quotes

Alix Miller: [after returning from a church service in Lee's honor for saving Tommy Harris, reading plaque] To our friend Leyland Crompton, who's bravery and determination saved the life of Tommy Harris, your greatful neighbours.
Alix Miller: [Lee looks at the plaque and drops it worthlessly on his desk] Why can't you let them thank you Lee?
Lee Crompton: What do you think i would be to them Alix, a romantic folk hero? Their very own gentle giant? Better they thank a pretty woman and a cute dog than a monster.
Alix Miller: Lee...
Lee Crompton: [turns angryly] I don't want your pity...
Alix Miller: I do pity you... but not because how you look... but because of what you have let it do to you...

TV Show: Beauty
Robin Browne: Smile baby, people are looking at you.

TV Show: Beauty