Beast Machines - Transformers Quotes

Optimus Primal: [snapping his finger] That's it. We have to work together to realign our neural pathways. That's the only way to destroy the virus and cure us.

Movie: Beast Machines - Transformers
Silverbolt, Waspinator: Drones?
Black Arachnia: Silverbolt!
Jetstorm: Say what? I don't know why you're so concerned about me baby cakes but I'm touched. Aero Drones!
Thrust: Cycle Drones!

Movie: Beast Machines - Transformers
Black Arachnia: What's the point of learning how to transform if we can't do it under fire?

Movie: Beast Machines - Transformers
Jetstorm: Come to finish what you started?
Black Arachnia: What are you talking about? You attacked us.
Thrust: Yeah because you attacked us.
Black Arachnia: On my word as a Maximal... Well, a spider anyway, we're only here to talk.

Movie: Beast Machines - Transformers
Rattrap: Whoo hoo! Does it ever feel good to be a team again.
Black Arachnia: What's wrong?
Silverbolt: Megatron used me to infect all of you. Still happy to have me back?
Optimus Primal: More than ever old friend.

Movie: Beast Machines - Transformers
Rattrap: You guys! A little help. [Nightscream screeches]
Rattrap: Whew! Thanks kid.
Nightscream: No problem. Next time look out for yourself. I don't know why I did that.
Cheetor: You could have brought this whole tunnel down on our heads.
Black Arachnia: Who lead us down here in the first place right into an ambush?

Movie: Beast Machines - Transformers