Batman Forever Quotes

Alfred Pennyworth: Broken wings mend in time. One day Robin will fly again. I promise.

Movie: Batman Forever
Batman: I guess we're all two people.

Movie: Batman Forever
Dr. Chase Meridian: He'll slaughter them without thinking twice.
Batman: Agreed. A trauma powerful enough to create an alternate personality leaves the victim...
Dr. Chase Meridian: - in a world where normal rules of right and wrong no longer apply.
Batman: Exactly.
Dr. Chase Meridian: Like you. - Well, let's just say that I could write a hell of a paper on a grown man who dresses like a flying rodent.
Batman: Bats aren't rodents, Dr. Meridian.

Movie: Batman Forever
The Riddler: Joygasm!

Movie: Batman Forever
The Riddler: [after being defeated] Why? Why can't I kill you? Too many questions. Too many questions.
Batman: Poor Edward. I had to save them both. You see, I'm both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not because I have to be. Now... because I choose to be. [holds out his hand. The Riddler backs away as he sees a bat]

Movie: Batman Forever
[as "The Box" is used on Strickley]
The Riddler: [imitating game show host] Edward Nygma, come on down! You're the next contestant on "Brain Drain"! [imitating shy game show contestant]
The Riddler: Um, gee, ooh, uh, I'll take what's inside Thick Skull #1! [imitating game show host]
The Riddler: What have we got for him, Johnny? [laughs]
The Riddler: Stickley! I'm having a breakthrough! And a breakdown? Maybe! Nevertheless, I'm smarter. I'm a genius. No, several geniuses! A gaggle! A swarm! A flock of freakin' Freuds! Riddle me this, Fred! What is everything to someone and nothing to everyone else? Your mind, baby! And now mine pumps with the power of yours! [singing]
The Riddler: I'm sucking up your I.Q., vacuuming your cortex, feeding off your brain!

Movie: Batman Forever