Bastard Out of Carolina Quotes

Glen Waddell: Bone, what're you doing up here? How many times you gonna make me call you, girl?
Ruth Anne 'Bone' Boatwright: I didn't hear you.
Glen Waddell: Didn't hear you? I've been callin' you for five minutes. Your mama needs your help down there.
Ruth Anne 'Bone' Boatwright: I didn't hear you.
Glen Waddell: Don't you sass me. Don't you dare sass me. You think just 'cause your aunt died, you can talk to me like that? You're in my house, now. I am the boss of my house. Do you understand that?
Anney Boatwright: Glen! Of all days, Jesus! Glen!
Glen Waddell: Anney! Anney!, let me handle this! Please, let me handle this!
Anney Boatwright: No, Glen! No, Glen! Glen! Glen!

Movie: Bastard Out of Carolina
Glen Waddell: Doctor says it's gonna be a while, but she's doin' just fine. I know she's worried. She thinks if it's a girl I ain't gonna love it. It'll still be our baby. Even if she did have a girl, we'll just have another soon enough. I'll have my son. Anney and I will have our little baby boy. I know it. I just know it.

Movie: Bastard Out of Carolina
Glen Waddell: [Glen, takes money out of envelope] Anney, what the hell is this?
Anney Boatwright: Earl was just tryin' to help, Glen. Good Lord.
Glen Waddell: How can you shame me like that? I'm a grown man, Anney. I don't need your brother to pay my damn way, [slams money on the table]
Glen Waddell: you give that back to him tomorrow.
Anney Boatwright: Glen, that's crazy. We need this money.
Glen Waddell: You just do as I say and [rips cord from wall]
Glen Waddell: sell the damn radio, while you're at it!
Glen Waddell: The things I do ain't good enough for you. I put my hand in a honey jar, comes out piss! Nothing I do is right!
Anney Boatwright: Glen, everybody has troubles now and then, honey. Just give it time, sweetie. Things are gonna work out.
Glen Waddell: [Annoyingly] Shut up. You shut up, you don't give me that mama crap! You shut your mouth, you just shut up! Shut Up! [the girls looks in horror]
Glen Waddell: I'm sorry Anney. Anney, you know I don't mean to yell at you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. [Grabs Bone's arm firmly, and she yelps in pain]
Glen Waddell: You know how much I love your mama.
Anney Boatwright: Oh, Jesus, Glen! You don't know your own strength!
Glen Waddell: I guess, I don't. But Bone knows I never mean to hurt her. Bone knows I love her. Hell Anney! I love all of you, you know that!

Movie: Bastard Out of Carolina
Glen Waddell: [to Anney] I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Movie: Bastard Out of Carolina
Narrator: I lived in a world of shame. I hid my bruises as if they were evidence of crimes I had committed. I didn't tell Mama. I couldn't tell Mama.

Movie: Bastard Out of Carolina