A Touch of Frost Quotes

D.I. Frost: [to Mullett] If I read every piece of paper that landed on my desk, I'd never get out from behind it. [Sarcastically]
D.I. Frost: I't's the rain forests I'm worried about.

TV Show: A Touch of Frost
DS George Toolan: Mr Mullett's in a flap!
Frost: I know! I'm still pulling feathers out of my hair!

TV Show: A Touch of Frost
Frost: Yeah, well, I just wish Horn-rimmed Harry would be a little more choosy about his jargon. I mean anyone who spends all day with their pen stuck up their a-aah, there you are, sir!

TV Show: A Touch of Frost
Supt. Mullett: One of these days you'll realize you need more than your well-known intuition in order to get results.
Frost: I used more than my well-known intuition, sir, at least in one of the cases I did - I used my charm. [pause]
Frost: It's a joke, sir, don't bother to work it out.

TV Show: A Touch of Frost
Supt. Mullett: I've had a telephone call from the vicar of St. Paul's. He's very concerned about this outbreak of vandalism in the old churchyard.
Frost: I'm not surprised, sir. It's a very grave business.

TV Show: A Touch of Frost
[Det. Sgt. Frank Nash has been given a message to phone his wife]
Frost: Bit young to be married.
Det. Sgt. Frank Nash: How old were you?
Frost: I asked first. Twenty Four.
Det. Sgt. Frank Nash: Same as me.
Frost: Okay, lets drop it.

TV Show: A Touch of Frost