Aliens Among Us Quotes

Professor Hunsecker: Don't worry. I know just how to deal with this. [pulls out a stick of dynamite]
Snatch: Dynamite? I coulda thought of that.
Professor Hunsecker: Denario? [Denario prepares to light the fuse]
Stuebing: Um, do we really want to kill him?
Professor Hunsecker: We won't kill him. You see, you forget rule 4. His metal exoskeleton will protect him. We'll just subdue him with this and then dissect him.
Mormon/Alien: [nervously] Uh, pardon me, I couldn't help but overhear. You know, you're right. I AM an alien. You got me, good. Yeah, but the thing is, my, uh, metal exoskeleton? I left that at home on the other planet. So, if you could please not blow me up, that would really be nice.

Movie: Aliens Among Us