Bambi Quotes

Bambi: It was mother. I heard her voice.
The Great Prince: That was one of Man's tricks!
Bambi: But I thought...
The Great Prince: What if I didn't come in time? When I tell you to run, you run! Never freeze like that again, ever!
Bambi: I'm... I'm sorry.

Movie: Bambi
The Great Prince: Bambi, a prince does not...
Bambi: That's all you care about! Not about me!
The Great Prince: Don't you speak to me...
Bambi: [running off] I wish Mother was here instead of you!

Movie: Bambi
The Great Prince: Everything must get rest, Bambi. [yawning]
The Great Prince: Some at night, some during the day... [grumbling slightly]
The Great Prince: ... some not at all.

Movie: Bambi
The Great Prince: [yawns and grumbles] Remind me to never let you eat blossoms before bedtime.

Movie: Bambi
Thumper: [Bambi and Thumper see birds flying by. Bambi looks at them intriguingly.] Those are birds.
Bambi: Bur... Bur!
Thumper: Look! He's trying to talk.
Bambi: Bur!
Other rabbits: He's trying to say "bird."
Thumper: Say "bird." [wiggles his nose]
Bambi: Bur. [wiggles nose]
Thumper: Bird.
Bambi: Bur!
Thumper: Uh-uh. Bir-duh!
Other rabbits: Come on, say "bird." Say "bird!"
Bambi: Bird! [rabbits scatter and run to their mother]
Other rabbits: He talked, he talked! He talked, Mama! The Young Prince said "bird."
Bambi: Bird, bird, bird, bird, bird bird! [Bambi sees a yellow butterfly, which he begins to chase until it lands on his tail.]
Bambi: Bird!
Thumper: No, that's not a bird. That's a butterfly.
Bambi: Butterfly? Butter- [Bambi sees the butterfly has now gone; he then runs over to a big yellow flower among some other wildflowers.]
Bambi: Butterfly!
Thumper: No, that's a flower.
Bambi: Flower?
Thumper: Uh-huh, it's purty. [Thumper smells the flowers.]
Bambi: Purty. [Bambi starts smelling the flowers, and comes nose-to-nose with a little skunk.]
Bambi: Flower!
Flower: Me?
Thumper: [laughing hysterically] That's not a flower! He's a little-
Flower: Oh, that's all right. He can call me a flower if he wants to

Movie: Bambi
Thumper: Oh come on! You jumped farther than this yesterday!
Bambi: I don't know about this.
Thumper: Your're not afraid, are you? [singsong]
Thumper: You are afraaaiid! You cannot juuuump! Nya-nya-nya-nyyya-nya! Nya-nya, nyaaaahhh! [Bambi jumps]
Thumper: You did it!

Movie: Bambi