Across the Pacific Quotes

Alberta Marlow: [Talking about Japanese people in general] You are always so calm. You never show anything.
Capt. Higoto: We are told not to. It is our way of rife. We must not show too much sad-i-ness or too much joy. If you praise what we have, we say it is nus-sing. If you admire our sons, we must say thay are unworthy.

Movie: Across the Pacific
Alberta Marlow: [after they kiss] What's the matter?
Rick Leland: Look, I didn't mean that.
Alberta Marlow: I did. Why didn't you?
Rick Leland: Well, a fellow with a suit like mine, shouldn't go around kissing girls.

Movie: Across the Pacific
Rick Leland: When you're slapped, you're gonna take it and like it.

Movie: Across the Pacific